Rules applicable to the submission and acceptance

of articles for publication in Journal of KONBiN

 I. Submission of articles


  1. The article shall cover matters of scientific, research or engineering nature which have not been previously published.
  2. Structure of the article:
  • title page (first page)
  • introduction
  • sections
  • sub-sections
  • literature (bibliography)
  1. Articles shall be developed in accordance with the guidelines for authors (the article template).
  2. Prior to submission of an article, its authors shall acquaint themselves with the rules of counteracting incidents of ghostwriting and guest authorship, and they shall observe the same.
  3. The article shall be accompanied by the ‘Declaration of the authors’ (the ‘Guidelines’ tab on the Journal website).
  4. The Article shall not 8-10 pages based on the template (Instruction for authors).
  5. The first (title) page of the article shall contain the following:
  • title in English
  • title in Polish
  • author’s / authors’ first and last name(s)
  • author’s / authors’ affiliation
  • author’s / authors’ e-mail address(es)
  • an abstract in Polish and an abstract in English
  • keywords in Polish and keywords in English
  1. The content of the article, legends of tables, charts and drawings may be in English.
  2. Chicago-style bibliography shall constitute the last section.
  3. A ready article shall be submitted to the Editorial Team in electronic format (by electronic mail c/o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or in the form of a CD c/o: Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych. Sekretariat Naukowy. 01-494 Warszawa ul. Księcia Bolesława 6).
  4. The article submitted shall be recorded in the following two formats: editable version – a MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD 2007 (docx or doc) file; proofreading version – an ADOBE ACROBAT DOCUMENT (pdf) file.


 II. Acceptance of articles for publication


  1. The printing preparation process involves articles covering matters which are in line with the profile of the Journal.
  2. Articles are subject review by professionals appointed by the Editorial Team out of the permanent team of reviewers.
  3. Articles are double-blind reviewed in accordance with the guidelines by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  4. Articles may be returned to the author to be adjusted in accordance with reviewers’ suggestions.
  5. The Journal shall notify the author / authors of the article acceptance for publication.
  6. The Journal does not charge any fees for article acceptance and publication.
  7. The Journal may charge a fee for article publication. The foregoing fact shall be notified by the Journal in advance (six months prior to the date of publication) on the Journal website.
  8. Authors of articles shall receive free copies of the volume in which their articles are featured.